For the last 18 months one of the largest used Jaguar and Land Rover parts company folded.

This company supplied repair shops with affordable used and recondition parts for your Jaguar and Land Rover. They also sold recondition motors, steering racks, rear ends, along with used parts with a warranty. The name was Coventry West in Georgia.

With other smaller companies merging with larger ones, it has become more difficult to find

good quality parts at a reasonable price.

If your one of the unfortunate people that need an Engine for your Jaguar or Land Rover

you will be spending between $ 7,500.00 to $ 15,000.00 for a used Engine with 85,000 plus miles.
Why would anyone in their right mind pay that kind of money for a used motor.


Jag Repairs will be building 6cyl, 8 cyl and 12 cyl engines to factory specs.

As the owner of Jag Repairs I spent 12 years working for the two largest Jaguar dealers repairing

engines, steerings racks and rear ends. In 1992 I open Jag Repairs, I have been repairing Jaguars in

South Florida.

I will now expand my business to build Jaguar and Range Rover motors at a more reasonable

price than used. I will be producing motors within a few months.

I will also be building steering racks, and rear ends.





Monday—Friday: 9.00 am—5.30 pm | Saterday—Sunday: Closed


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