shop stories

The water pump failed, causing hose to suck in. Here is a pic of a Jaguar that has less than a month to live. Both upper hoses are deflated. This happens when the impellers on the water pump are shot. 1998 - 2000 xj8 / xk8 had pumps with plastic impellers that broke up with coolant. They were replaced in 2001. This car is a 1999 no work has ever been done to this car. Several days of Florida heat will kill this car.



Customer though by using foam he could stop the noise.

Customer comes into the shop, wants me to check out a noise in the rear of the car over bumps. I put the car on the life and this is what I saw. What was he thinking, expanding foam. I told him I would need two hours just to get that stuff off the springs and shocks.

interior full-size photo