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Let me introduce myself. My name is Mitchell Levine and I’m the owner and  operator of Jag Repairs. As a certified mechanic with the Jaguar Master Program, I have more than thirty years experience working on Jaguars. I started with Jaguar working for the largest dealer in New York, Hempstead Auto Co. Moving to Florida I joined Palm Beach Motor Cars in West Palm. I have spent the last 32 years as the owner/operator of Jag Repairs. Prior to starting each service, a firm estimate is generated based on the necessary parts plus a reasonable labor rate.


Jag Repairs is a full service shop. We service and repair all years and models of Jaguar. For the last twenty-three years Jag Repairs has been known for it’s expert repairs. What most of you do not know is Jag Repairs also does interior work. We replace headliner, seats and carpet to factory specs. We also do expert body repair. Jag Repairs is your one stop shop.


Without the proper diagnostic equipment, and trained mechanic’s to run that equipment the shop is costing you money. There are many issues on Jaguars that need to be addressed. Without knowing when to change certain parts at the proper time, the shop could cause catastrophic failure to your Jaguar.


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Monday—Friday: 8.00 pm—5.30 pm | Saterday—Sunday: Closed


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